America First, fiscally conservative, and traditional conservative values are the criteria used to determine these picks for the GOP Primary. Business owners and Trump-backed were also important to these picks. As this site is developed, we will include more candidate specifics, but we’ve posted these in the interest of time. God bless America!

US Senate
Laxalt, Adam Paul

US Rep, District 2
Danny Tarkanian

Joe Lombardo

Lieutenant Gov
Swartz, Dan

Sec of State
John Cardiff Gerhardt

State Treasurer
Kess, Emanuel “Manny”

Attorney General
Chattah, Sigal

State Senate District 17
Jim Wheeler

State Assembly District 39
Blayne Osborne

County Partisan Offices County Commissioner
Murphy, J

County Partisan Offices Clerk Treasurer
Heather Macdonnell

Dan Coverley

School Board Trustee District 7
Roberta Butterfield